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Dr. Dong Shen is the President and Chair of the Board of Directors of CBA-USA.  Dr. Shen graduated from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. As a Doctorate of Medicine and of Philosophy (MD–PhD), Dr. Shen is fighting against cancer every day. In the past, Dr. Shen led TCGA breast cancer, lung cancer, ovary cancer and AML projects. All his manuscripts have been published at the most influential journals, such as Science and Nature. The total number of his citations is over 13,000. As the President of CBA-US and Chairman of subcommittee on Health and Environment at the Baltimore Sister Cites program, Dr. Shen has been working hard to bring investment and jobs to Maryland. As a beloved father to protect our children and stop gun violence, Dr. Shen is running for Maryland State Delegate in district 43. Dr. Shen wants to take immediate action to prevent school shootings, protect our children, create jobs, and rebuild Baltimore! Dr. Shen has a history of excellence, and holds the public interest very close to heart. Please explore the site to find out more about Dr.Shen and his vision for change.



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Dr. Dong Shen
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